June 14, 2024



Prefixed is a plugin for Unreal Engine that helps you enforce a naming convention for Unreal Engine assets. It does this by allowing users flexibility in defining asset naming rules, coupled with a powerful in-editor linter, and quality of life features.

Simple rules

Prefixed uses rules to describe how your assets should be named. They are defined in standard config files (*.ini), which makes them easy to source control and share. Rules can be defined at the project level (for project-specific rules) or at the Engine level (for rules that apply to multiple projects). They can be used for classes defined in code as well as those defined in Blueprints. You can define your own rules or install off-the-shelf rules for common classes to get started quickly.

Powerful enforcement

Prefixed allows you to correct issues (as opposed to just reporting them) by renaming assets. Rules can be enforced manually or automatically. Asset and folder context menu actions allow you to manually target individual assets, folders, or the entire Content directory. You can also enable automatic enforcement, which will detect naming issues when assets are created or renamed and (optionally) correct them without requiring further input. Assets are evaluated without being loaded, which results in minimal performance impact even on large projects.

Continuous integration

Prefixed supports continuous integration by exposing core features through commandlets. You can check for violations (or correct them) from the command line and integrate asset linting into your deployment pipeline.

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