Spectacle is the first global search for Unreal Engine specifiers. These USpecifiers are enclosed in macros that follow classes, structs, enums, and other program elements to enable code reflection. There are hundreds of USpecifiers, and Spectacle was designed to be a single point of access for finding, tracking, and understanding USpecifiers, across types, engine versions, and sources.

Parlez-Vous C++?

The Spectacle database is populated by a custom lexing and parsing engine that scans C++ source files and identifies USpecifiers.

No Version Left Behind

Spectacle gathers specifiers from across all versions of Unreal Engine, starting from 4.0 and through 4.26, so you can track the popularity of a specifier over time.

Catalog Mode

Already know what you're looking for? Jump to it directly in catalog mode.

Comprehensive Coverage

See relevant information about USpecifiers at a glance, including category and meta status, syntax, source code appearances, and implementation details.

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