Rush Reborn

Rush Reborn is a tower defense demo based on the popular Kingdom Rush series. Kingdom Rush was the game that inspired me to pursue software development in the first place. Plus, the tower defense genre is great for showing off gameplay programming techniques because it has very well-defined patterns (e.g. towers, wave-based spawning). Similarly, targeting an existing game instead of creating one from scratch allowed me to focus on implementation without worrying about design.

Shoutout to Ironhide Studios for creating this masterpiece.

Leveling Down

Rush Reborn recreates Southport, the first level in Kingdom Rush. Sticking to just one level made it possible to prioritize gameplay mechanics over asset creation. (Production quality may vary...)

Towering Up

Rush Reborn sports four tower variants: archer, barracks, mage, and bombard, each with their own behavior.

Battlefield Rendezvous

Defenders can engage and disengage invaders as they make their way to the finish line.

Ride the Waves

Fight up to seven waves of enemies, orchestrated by the made-to-order Tsunami plugin.

Make It Rain

Use global abilities to enlist reinforcements or to unleash a rain of fire on unsuspecting foes.

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