The Remapt plugin provides a full-featured input mapping system for Unreal Engine with all of the features expected of modern AAA titles. Give your players the ability to switch up their input mappings, let them choose from a set of pre-designed templates, and even allow them to make their own loadouts. Comes with fully documented code, descriptive Blueprint nodes, and professional ready-to-use Widgets.

Remap Inputs at Runtime

Change input and axis mappings, clear conflicts, reset to default, and create any number of custom loadouts.

Powerful Presets

Define any number of preset input configurations using a custom asset editor to give players maximum flexibility.

Settings for the Whole Family

Create multiple settings files on a case-by-case basis. For example, make different settings files for each player, each game mode, each platform, or any other scenario.

Plug and Play

No coding is necessary to get 100% out of this plugin. Every bit of core functionality is exposed to Blueprints through a function library, through custom Widgets designed specifically to interact with the Remapt system, and through global settings exposed to the Project Settings menu.

Flexible Functions

Take advantage of over 40 native and Blueprint-callable functions covering all manner of remapping operations.

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