Prefixed does one thing, and it does it well: ensures consistent naming for Unreal Engine 4 assets. It does this by allowing users flexibility in defining asset naming rules, coupled with a powerful in-editor linter, and quality of life features.

Definitions for Dummies

Define asset naming conventions in simple JSON format, making rule files easy to understand, source control, and share.

Share the Load

Maintain one style set to rule them all, and override with project- and plugin- specific rules.

Blueprint Blues

Handles rules for Blueprint subclasses (like PlayerControllers, Characters, etc.), including custom classes.


Enjoy quality-of-life upgrades like detecting rule changes on-the-fly and refreshing them in the Editor.

An Ounce of Prevention

Get notified when non-compliant assets are added and lint only those assets. Perfect for conforming third-party Marketplace assets in one go.

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