Cursory is a small plugin for Unreal Engine that allows you to load and manipulate hardware cursors at runtime with just a handful of plug-and-play Blueprint nodes. It does this by enabling organization and increasing ease of use. This plugin also enforces cursor uniformity across various contexts, including viewport, actor hover, and widget interaction.

Tag, You're It

Built on top of the GameplayTags module, Cursory allows you to easily tag and categorize your cursors for more intuitive logic scripting.

Back to Basics

Easily switch between standard and custom cursors. This allows you to define custom cursors for a more tailored gamer experience while retaining access to the standard platform cursors (textbeam, grab, etc.).

Limited Edition Cursors

Add temporary cursors for scoped events like hovering over an enemy, a pickup, or a widget, clicking an object, or entering a mini-game, and easily revert back to the base cursor once the event is over.

.ani There I Was...

Supports cursors in .ani and .cur format for Windows, .tiff for MacOS, and .png for Linux.

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