Devlog: Project Spud

Day 1: I have an idea

A few weeks ago, I participated in Mini Jam 48, my first game jam ever. It was tough working with a few friends across distance, using source control and other collaboration tools that none of us were all that familiar with. Nevertheless, it was an amazing experience. You can see our finished product here: Project Yolo.

Though we couldn't bring it to fruition in 72 hours, the underlying concept of our game was 'hot potato.' The (real-world) game is simple: take a hot potato fresh from the oven and keep it off the ground. Naturally, given how hot the potato is, you need to keep passing it back and forth to other people - friends, neighbors, classmates - or else accept third-degree burns. (I wonder if anyone ever actually played this game.)

I wanted to turn this simple concept into a game, for a few reasons:

  1. The core mechanic, passing a 'hot potato' back and forth, seems like it has room to add depth. It's a trivial thing to do on even ground, but it gets trickier when you add obstacles.
  2. The idea is innately multiplayer. This is a definite plus, because I want it to be the type of game I can play with my wife or brother, my favorite couch co-op compadres.
  3. I haven't seen it before.

And thus, Project Spud was born. At its heart, it will be a co-op puzzle platformer, or at least that's the starting point. Either way, one thing is for certain: the game will be made. As to its value, I cannot yet say.

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